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Strategic Mining, Colocation Infrastructure with Leading Partners
Why choose BlockchainK2?
We’re a start-up focused on strategic cryptocurrency mining.

We offer our public company shareholders a pure play portfolio of cryptocurrency and blockchain mining opportunities. We work with leading industry partners to offer cryptocurrency mining and infrastructure exposure.



Initial funding supports ASIC mining and algorithmically optimized responsive GPU mining operations


Automatically trading some of our tokens and holding others depending on market conditions.


Growing mining operations around the world to support and profit from the growing cryptoeconomy.
With a long view on the vast potential for growth in the cryptocurrency space, we take advantage of the current downturn in crypto by acquiring distressed assets at a discount.
Auto selling and
miner switching
Mining the most
secure tokens
State of the art
Powering the infrastructure
of the decentralized future
Our Team
Institutional Quality Leadership
D Lindsay Wu
Director & CEO

D Lindsay Wu, CEO, is Managing Partner at Whitwell Partners, a merchant banking firm. He has helped acquire, build and exit businesses in a variety of industries including insurance services, natural resources, infrastructure, financial services and technology. He was formerly Managing Director/ Head of Private Equity at Rothschild Emerging Markets and CEO of G2 Natural Resources, a joint venture with G2 Investment Group. He began his career at Thomas H. Lee Company, a private equity firm, is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Business School and is  Industrial Sector Lead of HBS Alumni Angels.

Sergei Stetsenko

Sergei Stetsenko is a financier and venture capitalist who is acting CEO of CRG Finance AG, a private venture capital firm in Zug, Switzerland. He has helped raise over $100 mm in capital for companies in the technology, healthcare, communications and natural resource sectors. He is a founder of Vynleads, a US technology company, and was founder and CEO from 2003-2005 of Peleton Resources (now Triangle Petroleum – TPLM on the NYSE).

Andri Stytsenko

Mr. Andri Stytsenko, is an engineer with 28 years experience in the energy industry. He is also an early adopter of cryptocurrency mining and has been involved with accessing suitable data centre locations with economic energy sources, both in Western Canada and Eastern Europe. Andri is a veteran of a number of energy companies including Halliburton Corporation and resides in Western Canada.

Our Advisors
Blockchain Experts & Industry Leaders
Phillip Galinsky

Phillip J. Galinsky is filmmaker and technologist who made his first foray into the cryptocurrency space in 2010 in mining and algo-trading. In 2013, Galinsky produced the film Banking on Bitcoin which came out in a theatrical release and on Netflix. Galinsky also worked from 2014 to 2017 as a Human Research Technologist at the Cognition Affect and Temperament Lab at Pennsylvania State University, where he was Co-Investigator of two grants awarded by the PSU Center for Online Innovation in Learning and the National Institutes of Health. Phillip is a graduate of Manhattan College.

Dr. Bob McElrath

Dr. Bob McElrath is Vice President of Blockchain System Architecture at Fidelity Investments, a leading financial institution. He was previously a serial CTO, Chief Scientist and Software Developer for blockchain technology companies including SolidX (cryptographic keys for identity) and Ribbit Rewards (cryptocurrencies for airline rewards programs). He is an experienced cryptocurrency developer and team leader with experience in bitcoin and ethereum. He was formerly Senior Software Developer at Bloomberg and has a PhD in theoretical particle physics from the University of Wisconsin. Dr. McElrath did his post doctorate work at the University of California and at CERN and has over 32 publications.

Michael Maloney

Michael Maloney is a Managing Director at Galaxy Digital, a leading digital currency/ blockchain merchant bank, where he leads the Advisory Services practice. He has extensive technology advisory, architecture design, and blockchain experience, and has been active in development within the space since 2011. He has developed numerous blockchain applications for clients across a variety of industries, including; digital goods and games trading, supply chain management, anti-money laundering and KYC regulatory compliance, and language processing and machine learning marketplaces. Formerly, Michael led Distributed Ledger technology development at EY, and worked with an international team to introduce and provide solutions to global companies. He has additional experience across a number of regulatory spaces, including government and 3rd party oversight agencies. Michael has a strong background in statistical analysis and technology implementation, and has performed a variety of services ranging from developing custom transaction monitoring solutions, advanced data reporting and solution / vendor selection, to realized GPS and event-triggered mobile applications. Outside of work, Michael develops blockchain and IOT integrated hardware for personal use.

John Lema

John Lema is a serial technology CEO and CTO. He is currently CEO of Elevate, a venture backed real estate SAS company partnered with several of the largest commercial real estate firms. He is formerly CTO of Convene and CEO/ founder of ScrollMotion, a leading B2B SAS platform that was the largest supplier of apps to iTunes. He led sales teams servicing leading clients including GE, Exxon and Toyota. He was E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist in 2012 and is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon.

Wayne Nemeth

Wayne Nemeth is a technology company CEO, advisor and investor. He was formerly CEO/ COO of T+ink, a venture backed electronic ink company connecting retail inventory to Internet of Things. He was founder of Pelap Group, an advisory and investment firm focused on SAS and data analytics. For 10 years, Wayne was a Partner at Sprout Group, a $3 bn venture capital firm owned by DLJ/ Credit Suisse. Board roles include: Calix, DynamicOps (acquired by VM Ware), Internet Phonics (acquired by Ciena) and Lefthand Networks (acquired by HP). He is a graduate of University of Pennsylvania and The Wharton School.

Geoff Hampson

Geoff Hampson brings over 30 years as an investor, acquirer, senior executive and director of start-up, turnaround and high growth companies. Geoff has completed transactions in the industrial manufacturing, real estate, internet infrastructure, mining, and oil & gas sectors where he has been able to build strong teams to lead businesses into sector leading positions. Geoff built up a data center/ cloud business, Peer 1 Network, sold to Cogeco for $565 million. Geoff is an investor and Director of many small and mid-sized companies throughout Canada, Europe and the USA. Geoff currently serves as the Chairman of the Board and CEO of Fibrox Technology Ltd., a North American leader in the production of mineral fiber. He also serves as the Chairman of the Board and CEO of Para Resources Inc., a publicly-listed company on the Exchange focusing on North and South American gold properties. Geoff served as a member of the University of British Columbia’s International Advisory Board. He is active in local and international associations and charities. Geoff has lived and worked in both Canada and the USA.

Joseph Fiscella

Joseph Fiscella is Senior Blockchain Developer at Galaxy Investment Partners, founded by Michael Novogratz, a former co-founder of Fortress Investment Group and a former partner at Goldman Sachs. Joe is a Blockchain Developer and an early adopter of digital currencies. He is the lead developer of the Florincoin project and co-founder of Alexandria, the first fully peer-to-peer decentralized video streaming application. Joseph is a long-time member of the bitcoin NYC community and has worked with numerous NYC blockchain and bitcoin startups, including Blocktech, SolidX Partners, and Blockchain of Things. Joe has a BS in Computer Science from Manhattan College.

Tom St. Laurent

Tom St. Laurent is Technical Director of Blockchain Technologies Corp, a leading blockchain incubator and development firm founded in 2010. Tom has been a bitcoin fanatic for over six years. Over the past decade, he has developed social gaming software, virtual merchandising engines at scale, architecture for promotional frameworks for media conglomerates. Tom led development at the Zap Project, a blockchain platform for curating reliable information authorities (Oracles) that deliver real world data to smart contracts. Before joining Zap, Tom led engineering at, an eSports betting platform built on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing users to wager on their favorite streams. Tom has a BS in Physics from Manhattan College.

Tim Vercruysse

Tim Vercruysse is a seasoned technology executive with 25 years experience building world class systems, teams and technology solutions. He is founder and Managing Partner of Black Dog Consulting, providing data science and machine learning solutions to clients such as Thomson Reuters, CBS, 1-800 Flowers and the US Office of Naval Research. He was formerly Director of Software Development at Bloomberg and Citigroup and has a BS and MS in Computer Science and Data Science from Stony Brook University.

Investor Information

Primary listing Trading symbol: BITK.TSXV



Number of issued shares: 16,210,000

Sedar activated

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Frequently Asked Questions

Blockchain technology is silently revolutionizing the form and foundations of our global social infrastructure, while setting new standards for transparency and openness.

Blockchain creates new capabilities, such as the ability to maintain immutable databases and implement new kinds of incentive architectures in organizations. Blockchain is reshaping both public and private institutions: governance systems, internal processes and means for external interaction.

BlockchainK2 plans to acquire/ joint venture with old data centres with low electricity costs at a steep discount to replacement cost repurposed to cater to cryptocurrency miners.

Traditional tier one or tier two data centres are often not a good fit for miners as they require long term contracts with multi-year up front payments and charge for superfluous ancillary services.

Offering colocation services to miners migrating from less favourable regulatory environments such as China generates third party revenues and operating leverage using other people’s capital and equipment.

Pipeline of opportunities include three data centre locations/ existing colocation business with electricity costs as low as $0.03 per kWh.

BlockchainK2, with its experienced management/ advisory team, will help incubate/ acquire SAS blockchain businesses in concert with strategic partners to offer industry standard software services in niche markets with commensurate pricing power.

Strategy is to build pilot with input and buy in from leading industry players to ensure early adoption.

Partnerships with leading companies in industry verticals gives BlockchainK2 an edge over software companies building and hoping the market will adopt/ come.

Raise capital whilst capital markets for technology/ cryptocurrencies are buoyant in closely spaced, sequential tranches at higher valuations as business is derisked.

Capital allocation is dynamic based upon projected intermediate returns on capital for mining vis a vis software development/ acquisition.

In down cycle, economics of buying versus building improve. Execute roll up strategy of SAS businesses struggling to gain critical mass where BlockchainK2 can add value through industry relationships.

Ultimate model is holding company a la Barry Diller’s IAC with portfolio of disparate blockchain businesses.

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