Cryptocurrency Mining
Strategic Mining, Colocation Infrastructure with Leading Partners
Why choose BlockchainK2?
We’re a start-up focused on strategic cryptocurrency mining.

We offer our public company shareholders a pure play portfolio of cryptocurrency and blockchain mining opportunities. We work with leading industry partners to offer cryptocurrency mining and infrastructure exposure.



Initial funding supports ASIC mining and algorithmically optimized responsive GPU mining operations


Automatically trading some of our tokens and holding others depending on market conditions.


Growing mining operations around the world to support and profit from the growing cryptoeconomy.
With a long view on the vast potential for growth in the cryptocurrency space, we take advantage of the current downturn in crypto by acquiring distressed assets at a discount.
Auto selling and
miner switching
Mining the most
secure tokens
State of the art
Powering the infrastructure
of the decentralized future
Our Team
Institutional Quality Leadership
Sergei Stetsenko

Sergei Stetsenko is a financier and venture capitalist who is acting CEO of CRG Finance AG, a private venture capital firm in Zug, Switzerland. He has helped raise over $100 mm in capital for companies in the technology, healthcare, communications and natural resource sectors. He is a founder of Vynleads, a US technology company, and was founder and CEO from 2003-2005 of Peleton Resources (now Triangle Petroleum – TPLM on the NYSE).

Andri Stytsenko

Mr. Andri Stytsenko, is an engineer with 28 years experience in the energy industry. He is also an early adopter of cryptocurrency mining and has been involved with accessing suitable data centre locations with economic energy sources, both in Western Canada and Eastern Europe. Andri is a veteran of a number of energy companies including Halliburton Corporation and resides in Western Canada.

D Lindsay Wu
CEO & Director

D Lindsay Wu, CEO, is Managing Partner at Whitwell Partners, a merchant banking firm. He has helped acquire, build and exit businesses in a variety of industries including insurance services, natural resources, infrastructure, financial services and technology. He was formerly Managing Director/ Head of Private Equity at Rothschild Emerging Markets and CEO of G2 Natural Resources, a joint venture with G2 Investment Group. He began his career at Thomas H. Lee Company, a private equity firm, is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Business School and is  Industrial Sector Lead of HBS Alumni Angels.

Investor Information

Primary listing Trading symbol: BITK.TSXV



Number of issued shares: 16,210,000

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Frequently Asked Questions

Blockchain technology is silently revolutionizing the form and foundations of our global social infrastructure, while setting new standards for transparency and openness.

Blockchain creates new capabilities, such as the ability to maintain immutable databases and implement new kinds of incentive architectures in organizations. Blockchain is reshaping both public and private institutions: governance systems, internal processes and means for external interaction.

BlockchainK2 plans to acquire/ joint venture with old data centres with low electricity costs at a steep discount to replacement cost repurposed to cater to cryptocurrency miners.

Traditional tier one or tier two data centres are often not a good fit for miners as they require long term contracts with multi-year up front payments and charge for superfluous ancillary services.

Offering colocation services to miners migrating from less favourable regulatory environments such as China generates third party revenues and operating leverage using other people’s capital and equipment.

Pipeline of opportunities include three data centre locations/ existing colocation business with electricity costs as low as $0.03 per kWh.

BlockchainK2, with its experienced management/ advisory team, will help incubate/ acquire SAS blockchain businesses in concert with strategic partners to offer industry standard software services in niche markets with commensurate pricing power.

Strategy is to build pilot with input and buy in from leading industry players to ensure early adoption.

Partnerships with leading companies in industry verticals gives BlockchainK2 an edge over software companies building and hoping the market will adopt/ come.

Raise capital whilst capital markets for technology/ cryptocurrencies are buoyant in closely spaced, sequential tranches at higher valuations as business is derisked.

Capital allocation is dynamic based upon projected intermediate returns on capital for mining vis a vis software development/ acquisition.

In down cycle, economics of buying versus building improve. Execute roll up strategy of SAS businesses struggling to gain critical mass where BlockchainK2 can add value through industry relationships.

Ultimate model is holding company a la Barry Diller’s IAC with portfolio of disparate blockchain businesses.

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